Friday, June 1, 2012

Please Stop Exposing Your Nursing

Every once in a while the news becomes so cluttered with garbage that I feel as if my mind is going to explode from all of the negativity and controversy that flows through the air ways. Now you may say just turn it off, you don't have to watch it. However, as I currently don't reside in the country that I love, I watch the news to see what is going on back home. If the news really was an accurate representation of our great nation then we indeed should be very worried.
For example an individual recently brought a top news story to my attention because they knew it would enrage me, and it did. Two women in uniform nursing their babies as part of a pro-nursing campaign on a military base. Now one woman was modest and completely covered, but the other was very much exposed. Really..... really? I am a mother and I even agree with the positive aspects of nursing. However, I also acknowledge that there are women that can't nurse or don't feel comfortable with it and that is fine too. I believe it is a personal choice for every woman.....personal being the key word. I am exhausted by these women that feel the need to display something so private and personal. A mother's greatness is not defined by her ability to put her breasts on public display, rather it is defined by the great and many sacrifices she makes to love, protect, teach and serve her children. A baby's essential need for nourishment and love should not be put on display and sensationalized so that a woman's desperate need for approval can be found in the public eye. Not to mention the respect for the sacred uniform of the military. I have known many women who have served valiantly in the military. Many have been great mothers. They are humble and honorable and I cringe at seeing the uniform they have honored and their tireless efforts as mothers and service women as merely unrecognized shadows compared to the blinding spotlight the media has placed on a foolish publicity stunt. So I say please stop. Please stop diminishing the true value of mothers around the world by putting your child's basic needs and your breasts on display. Please stop dishonoring the uniform so many have sacrificed their lives in because you feel the need to make some kind of unnecessary statement. Wouldn't it be better to spend all that time and effort in following the examples of so many mothers that came before us by spending what ever time we have been blessed with on our children teaching them to have the strength of character to make the world better. So cover up and be someone that your children don't have to be ashamed of when they grow up.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Positive Political Perspective

Recently as I watch our nations politics consume television I found myself frustrated and slightly astounded. Just a few nights ago current candidates running for the nomination were asked what they would be doing that particular Saturday night if they weren't running for President. Comedians found endless jokes about how made up answers seemed to reveal how detached political officials are from the common man. This amused me, as if these high paid, all be it funny comedians have any more right to pretend they can relate to the common man. They mock the full wallets of candidates when I am sure their TV contracts and life styles would show they aren't worried about their next meal either. Sadly, I can't help but observe that these famous faces do more to determine our vote for the future leader of this great nation than research and education. The answer that was assumed to be accepted by us, the common man, was watching football. Now I'm sure that is what a good chunk of people were doing that night as well. I also think it would be safe to bet that an even bigger chunk were working thankless jobs, taking care of children, worrying about how to pay bills, caring for sick or elderly loved ones, and of course those many forgotten who are working either at home or abroad to protect, serve and defend this nation. So I don't know about you but I don't care what our future leader would be doing if he weren't running for president, I want to know that if he is president he will spend his Saturday nights like the rest of us, working though it might seem thanklessly to figure out how the bills are going to be paid, to see that the sick, elderly and needy are taken care of or given the opportunity to care of themselves and that he will continue to protect,serve and defend those who have sworn to do the same under his leadership.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry.... Not So Much

So I was thinking about the old adage, "Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die". I've never been fond of it and I finally realized why. Maybe it is the start of a new year that fills the air with possibilities, or looking at my little ones and the adventures they have had in their lives and the adventures still to come. Perhaps it is just hearing everyone discuss their battles with their healthier New Years resolutions. What ever the cause I realised that I don't like the phrase because it is so negative. I know it's original meaning but I would like to reflect on it as it would apply to us today. All too often we may find moments in our lives we need to escape from, a kind of vacation in a minute scenario if you will. We have all been there, your sad, stressed, lonely, tired, discouraged or what ever and for a brief quick moment you need to escape and find the energy to move forward. That is when it happens, you reach for something that won't improve things it will just give you a quick escape with only more discouragement when you return from that "vacation in a minute". Perhaps you are like me and you reach for something sweet to help you stay awake, or perhaps you seek for something that comes with a greater negative consequence after it has been partaken of. Why do we do this to our selves, eat, drink and seek false happiness because we want to avoid any difficult experiences we may be facing in turn only complicating our circumstances further. So here is what I propose, lets change the expression. Instead of " eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die", lets change it to, (and you fill in the blanks)" ___________, __________ and __________ for today we live". For example: find knowledge, peace and joy for today we live. I'm curious what would you say how would you fill in the blanks to make this a positive mantra for your life? I would love to hear so don't be shy and respond. *Remember we all have a voice and you deserve to have yours heard.